Tuesday, August 14, 2018

LG vs Samsung Laundry

If you are in search of a new washer and dryer you will probably look at a couple of different appliance brands before making a purchase. There is a lot of new technology innovations in laundry than you may realize. If you are in search of an appliance that has great technology and is stylish you will probably be wanting to look at LG and Samsung.
LG and Samsung are both Korean manufacturers that blasted into the appliance industry during the last decade. They both show no signs of slowing down. LG hit the market hard about 15 years ago and Samsung about 10. Both companies are known for their innovation, style, features, and technological advances.
Both companies are always rated highly in leading consumer publications. The LG brand attempts to be the leader in home appliance innovation. Samsung also  strives to become number one in the home appliance industry. Seeing that they have similar goals and are great rivals, makes it exciting for consumers to find the best machine. You know that no matter which company you choose, you know that you are going to get amazing technology and features like smart appliances or other advanced features.
The two companies both have very similar machines and branding strategies. The two companies were initially in high-volume stores, but switched to being independent stores  which creates an even more competitive pricing advantage for customers.  Most companies will first sell to independent retailers and then when they have processes and systems sell to larger retailers to support the volume.
A buying tip is to purchase during promotional times like holidays will save you 10% to 20% or even more.
We like both brands for different reasons. They both have similar cubic feet and interesting features. Their large capacity, over 5.0 is very impressive in both brands and often rate very well in consumer magazines. Because of the large capacity it is crucial to do site checks in your own home before delivery to see if they would fit in your basement or laundry room. They both have great advanced features like anti-vibration systems or sensor drying technology. Both brands are making their machines connected appliances meaning that you can control them directly with your smart phone to save consumers time and money.
There are some features and options than you will probably rarely use, but can be very convenient when washing delicate clothing. It's hard to believe where the technology has gone to with how specific each cycle can be.
Some time ago, LG used to be one of the statistically worst appliances to buy, but in the last decade they have vastly improved. Samsung has always been a great trusted brand. Unfortunately, they recently had a large recall, but have taken precautions to improve their production for the future. Both companies have received a lot of feedback about difficulty in getting parts in a timely manner. LG pays the lowest labor rates in the industry. Many service companies don’t want to fix these machines in warranty and risk a huge loss.
Now that you know a little more about both LG and Samsung. It's time to compare some of their models. Here are a couple of options to choose from:
Samsung Washer WF45M5500AP and Samsung Dryer DVE45M5500P
Washer Features:
  • Steam Wash
  • VRT Plus Technology- reduces vibration for quiet washing
  • Large capacity
  • Self Clean+ to keep your drum fresh and clean
  • Smart Care with your smart phone

Dryer Features:
  • ENERGY STAR ®  certified
  • Multi-steam Technology
  • Sensor Dry
  • Vent Sensor
  • 10 Preset Dry Cycles
  • Smart Care with your smart phone

LG Washer WM9000HVA and LG Dryer DLEX9000V

Washer Features:
  • TurboWash® makes your big loads require less time
  • SmartThinQ® Technology to connect to your smart phone
  • Steam Technology
  • TubClean to keep your washer fresh
  • Electronic Panel

Dryer Features:
  • TurboSteam Technology
  • SmartThinQ® Technology to connect to your smart phone
  • NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum
  • Elevated angled door for easy access
  • Dial-A-Cycle™ drying program
Only you can decide on which washer and dryer is best for you and which brand you will ultimately go with. Let our team know if you have any questions when comparing any laundry set or other appliances.

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