Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Counter Depth VS. Standard Size Refrigerators

There are a couple of major benefits and disadvantages to both the counter depth and standard depth refrigerators.  

Counter depth gives you the clean and flush look in the kitchen by having just the door stick out past your counter tops where as a standard depth will stick out 6 to 10 inches beyond the counter top.  

Counter depth still offer all of the same features and benefits as a standard depth fridge but you lose out on capacity.  This is the major disadvantage as an average standard depth refrigerator is between 26 and 30 cubic feet while a counter depth refrigerator varies between 19 and 24 cubic feet.  

Another disadvantage is the price of the counter depth refrigerator.  On average you tend to pay more for one than a standard depth because it is considered a specialty appliance. 

In the end if you prefer to have a clean look over a larger capacity then counter depth is right for you.  

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dorm Room Checklist: Essentials for College

It’s that time of year again- millions of families are getting their young adult children ready to embark on their journey to college. It’s an exciting time for students and parents alike as the kids get ready to fly the nest. Make sure your college student has everything he or she will need to make himself or herself feel at home with this handy checklist for dorm room supplies.

Kitchenware- Due to safety regulations in place in most of the college dorms across the country, items like hot plates and toaster ovens aren’t always allowed, but that doesn’t mean your child won’t need some basic kitchen supplies in the dorm room for quick study snacks. Make sure to add these basics to your school shopping list:

Non-breakable, microwavable dishes- 2 large plates, 2 small plates and 2 bowls
Flatware- at least 4 forks, spoons, and knives
2 plastic water bottles, reusable
Water pitcher
Regulation-size dorm fridge, if allowed
Measuring cups and spoons
Liquid dish soap
Dish towels
Dish scrubber
Can opener
Pizza cutter

Bedding- Since dorm beds are a little differently-sized than standard twin-size beds, make sure all bedding specifically says it is sized for dorm mattresses before purchasing.
2 sheet sets
Comforter or duvet with cover
Mattress pad
Pillows (both bed and throw pillows)
Throw blanket
Bedbug-resistant mattress cover

Cleaning Products- Help your college kid keep his or her dorm room clean by sending them off with the right cleaning supplies to tackle basic chores.
Glass cleaner
Multipurpose cleaner (make sure it also cleans electronics safely)
Microfiber cloths
Dusting tool (such as Swiffer duster)
Handheld vacuum cleaner

Laundry Essentials- Help your student tackle laundry effectively so they don’t start bringing it back to your house on breaks!
Pop-up space-saving hamper
Drying rack
Detergent, bleach and fabric softener
Emergency sewing kit
Iron with emergency shut-off feature
Ironing board
Delicate clothing wash bag
Lint rollers
Approximately 4 dozen hangers

What other items are on your necessity list for dorm rooms?