Monday, October 30, 2017

5 Trick-Or-Treat Tips for Parents

Boo! Halloween has certainly snuck up on us this year, and your little ghouls and goblins are gearing up excitedly for their big trick-or-treating adventure. Here are some helpful hints for you and your kids to get the most out of your big Halloween night out so you can have a safe and happy Halloween.

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes- Parents, keep in mind that your little ones are full of excitement and energy (not to mention candy!) so you can anticipate at least a couple hours’ worth of roaming around your neighborhood during trick-or-treating time. Make sure to wear weather-appropriate clothes and comfortable shoes so you aren’t howling like a werewolf with every step of your Halloween journey!

2. Light Up the Night- Halloween is a dark and spooky night full of fun and mischief! Just make sure you don’t let it get TOO dark- keep yourself and your children well-lit and easy for passing motorists to spot as you cross the street. You can purchase cool glow sticks or adorn your children with light-up accessories to make them highly visible when crossing to the houses on the next block.

3. Skip Masks- Yes, we know Batman is nothing without his mask, and we admit that a Darth Vader without his iconic black helmet lacks a certain something, but masks can get in the way of safety and comfort during trick-or-treat time. Encourage your children to opt for mask-free costumes, or to use makeup in lieu of a mask for the desired effect. Not only will this increase their visibility as they walk through the neighborhood, but it will also help them to breathe better.

4. Inspect the Loot- Once trick-or-treating is through and it’s time to head home with your candy haul, make sure to look over all of your kids’ treats carefully. If you spot any unwrapped candy, or see anything that looks suspicious, remove it from your children’s stash and dispose of it. Stick with the mini candy bars and non-candy treats that are obviously still in their original wrappers, for safety’s sake.

5. Limit the Props- Unless you want to be stuck carrying Captain America’s shield, a couple of lightsabers AND a basket with Toto inside all evening long, encourage the kids to leave handheld props home. Your children will have their hands full with their trick-or-treat bags, and you can guess who will end up carrying all of their accessories! Not only that, but long props such as swords or a Grim Reaper scythe can pose a tripping hazard for both your kids and random passers-by.

The Interstate Appliance staff wishes all of you a safe and happy Halloween!