Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Refrigerator Options

Refrigerators are usually the first appliance to choose when purchasing new appliances for several reasons.  Because of unique refrigerator sizes, it is difficult to choose other appliances before your refrigerator because you want to make sure that the biggest appliance will fit and match all other appliances that you get. Many times the brand will be determined by the size restrictions of your kitchen or any home restrictions.  Sometimes, even your front door or access to your kitchen can be the deciding factor on the size of your fridge. The majority of full size refrigerators have a height of about 70 inches to the top of the hinge and about 68.5 inches to the top of the case behind the fridge where the cabinet above the fridge will be located. There are also options for counter depth units.  The width of most full size refrigerators is about 36 inches and the depth is usually around 32 inches without handles.

Because of refrigerators large size in comparison to other appliances, it takes up a lot of visual space. Think carefully about how much room you’ll actually need for storing food before you start shopping. Unique sizes like 33 inch wide, counter-depth, 72 inch high, and built-in refrigerator models are all available. The finish options that are available are top mount, bottom mount, side-by-side, French door, and event 4 and 5 door French Door options. Many of these choices will be determined by the type of food you typically put in your refrigerator and if you have a secondary freezer that may make your freezer space less important.  Other factors to consider are water and ice dispensers that are available on the door, inside, or you can choose units without any dispenser.

Most if not all, French door units have an ice maker in the freezer, if it doesn’t have one on the door.  Most side-by-side units will have a dispenser on the door only a very small amount of those do not.  Counter depth units will decrease capacity by about 20% with a maximum of about 24 Cu. Ft.  Some full depth models of French door and four or five door units can get up to about 33 Cu. Ft. inside.  One thing to be very aware of is what you would determine as usable space for what you would put in your refrigerator which may be different from someone else. For instance, a 27 Cu. Ft. side-by-side might not be able to handle platters of food for someone who likes to entertain often. If you do like to entertain often you may want to look more into a bottom mount fridge, French door, or four or five door.  Also to consider is that most people use their refrigerator 85% versus their freezer 15% of the time.

In the end, there are many options to choose from, probably too many, but it is likely that you will find the perfect one that will accommodate for your kitchen and home needs. Give us a call if you have questions and stop by one of our stores to see them in person.