Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Service

We all love thick, green lawns- the maintenance and upkeep that come with it, though? Not so much. The amount of time, expertise and money that can go into properly maintaining a lawn can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially if the results you yield are less than desirable. We’re not all green-thumbs, unfortunately, but thanks to lawn care services, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a beautiful lawn with none of the hassle. But how do you choose the lawn care service that best fits your needs? Here are a few helpful hints to guide you to the service that will take the best care of your lawn and fit your budget.

Ask questions- Not all lawn care services are created equal- make sure to ask the representative exactly which services are included in the quoted price. Beware of companies whose prices significantly undercut those of their competitors, as it is likely that they don’t provide the same services. For instance, a company can get away with charging $10 less per week if all they are doing is mowing; a company whose weekly service also includes trimming, weeding, edging and fertilizing is going to quote you with a higher price. Be sure to compare apples to apples before choosing the service.
Negotiate- Many lawn care specialists work as independent contractors, which means they are able to set their own prices. It never hurts to ask if they can offer you a discount for a more limited battery of lawn care services, or if they would be willing to knock $20 off your monthly bill if you can refer your next-door neighbor. Larger lawn care companies will not be as willing to negotiate, but it is worth a try when you are speaking to someone wishing to grow their local business.

Ask around- If you want to know if the lawn care service is as reliable as they seem, ask the people in your neighborhood. Review websites like Yelp! exist solely to inform consumers about other clients’ experiences, both positive and negative, with a particular company. You may also wish to ask a neighbor whose yard you admire for the name of the company they use. Since many lawn care companies offer a referral program, your neighbor will probably be more than happy to pass along their business card.

Make sure they are licensed- Lawn care service companies are regulated by your state to make sure they are licensed to apply certain potentially hazardous lawn care products. Make sure the service you are working with is licensed to avoid potential danger and lawsuits.

What do you do for your lawn care?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Organize Your Laundry Room! Quick and Easy Tips

It’s a room that people don’t often think about, but can be absolutely essential to the well-being of your entire home and family. We’re talking, of course, about your laundry room. Though it may seem like just a tiny room which houses your washer/dryer combo, a laundry room can be so much more. With a little organization and a few creative ideas, you can transform your laundry room into an organized, efficient little powerhouse of a room that you’ll be excited to show off to guests. Read on for some great laundry room hacks!

·         Create a cute lint depository. You know those little boxes that real estate agents put flyers in next to a house’s “for sale” sign? Well, they actually make great little places to save your dryer lint- they can hang right on the wall next to your dryer, and you can let your creativity run wild and decorate them any way you like! Since dryer lint is actually an excellent fire starter for a campfire or charcoal grill, it’s worth hanging onto, and now you’ll have a nice-looking place to do that!

·         Wall-mount hooks for your ironing board. You never know when you’re going to need to iron something, but where do you stash that ironing board until you need it again? With a couple of well-placed designer hooks from the hardware store or online, you can create a cute out-of-the-way space to hang up your board.

·         Put together a “stain station.” It’s all well and good to read handy laundry tips on blogs like this one, but most of us promptly forget how to get a certain type of stain out of clothing when the need actually arises. By putting together an attractive little kit featuring all the things you may need to get a stain out, as well as a little cheat sheet for which kinds of products remove which kinds of stains, you can have the knowledge and tools you need at hand.

·         Use designated hampers to sort clothes ahead of time. Three attractive bins marked “whites,” “colors” and “darks” can help you to pre-sort your laundry so you don’t have any red sock/white towel mishaps in your future.

What are your favorite ways to keep your laundry room looking organized? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.