Friday, August 18, 2017

Keep Up With These 3 Kitchen Trends

There are constant changes coming to kitchen design and it's a struggle to keep up. These changes are fresh and refreshing. Likely they will remain longer than a simple trend.

Horizontal wood grain is becoming huge for cabinetry in kitchens. This new trend is revitalizing traditional wood cabinetry. Less recessing and molding details on this style of cabinet and more flat. Horizontal wood grains actually makes the kitchen seem wider. Hardware is kept simple and understated. The most popular style of hardware is simple metal, horizontal pulls.  A huge benefit of installing this kind of cabinetry is that it can be paired with other types of wood. The cabinet grain is very prominent, easily pair a wood flooring that has a smaller visible grain. Also, run the other kind of wood grain in a different direction, preferably vertical. This will create a focal point with a clean look!

Another trend is to mix two kinds of cabinets to add dimension and interest. You can even add three different materials to create your own unique cabinet design. The key to pulling this off is to keep the cabinet design simple. Refraining from raised panels or ornate moldings on the cabinet doors. Each different cabinet material is in the same flat panel design, same design to link the cabinets together with different wood grain.

2017 is all about contrast which can easily be seen by the newest appliances coming out in dark but classic colors.  Contrast is the key to keeping a design looking unique and interesting. Monochromatic schemes can be great if done well, but beware of washing out the room. Details get lost in a monochromatic setting and everything just sort of blends together. Creating contrast is one of the best ways to add interest and dimension. Details are noticed and appreciated when contrast comes into play!

If you're looking to set yourself apart but still be trendy try out these ideas.

What is your favorite modern kitchen trend? Leave it in the comments section.