Tuesday, September 25, 2018

6 Benefits of a Steam Dryer

The latest trend in high-end laundry (as well as dishwashers and ranges) is steam. While some of the benefits of steam are obvious, there are some added qualities that you may have not thought of.

1. A conventional dryer applies heated air to your wet clothes. This causes the moisture to evaporate. A steam dryer uses hot air to dry clothes, but takes it one step further with steam. The steam cycle allows the moist air to penetrate the clothes and soften the fabrics reducing wrinkles.

2. There is a wrinkle release cycle which is similar to the steam refresh cycle, but it happens at the end of the cycle and will periodically tumble the load until you take the clothes out. This helps prevent wrinkles that caused by your clothes to sitting in the dryer for a while.
3. Steam is used to sanitize items. This works great for killing germs in kid's toys, dog beds and toys, or just to keep your family safe during the flu season.

4. Steam is used to freshen up items that should not be washed. Things like shoes, hats, pillows, camping equipment, and sports equipment. This can also be used as a way to freshen a shirt up without having to do a complete load of laundry.

5. Purchasing a new laundry pair with steam technology is a little more expensive, but it can save you time. If you use steam, you won't have to iron ever again.

6. Using steam cycle can actually make your clothes last longer. With all the benefits, including refreshing your clothes without using detergents and skipping the ironing board can actually help for fabrics not break down as easily and keeping strong and less likely to rip and separate.

Steam allows you more flexibility and improve the drying quality. All of these benefits make steam the hot new feature and is a great option when selecting your new laundry set.