Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Refrigerator Options

Refrigerators are usually the first appliance to choose when purchasing new appliances for several reasons.  Because of unique refrigerator sizes, it is difficult to choose other appliances before your refrigerator because you want to make sure that the biggest appliance will fit and match all other appliances that you get. Many times the brand will be determined by the size restrictions of your kitchen or any home restrictions.  Sometimes, even your front door or access to your kitchen can be the deciding factor on the size of your fridge. The majority of full size refrigerators have a height of about 70 inches to the top of the hinge and about 68.5 inches to the top of the case behind the fridge where the cabinet above the fridge will be located. There are also options for counter depth units.  The width of most full size refrigerators is about 36 inches and the depth is usually around 32 inches without handles.

Because of refrigerators large size in comparison to other appliances, it takes up a lot of visual space. Think carefully about how much room you’ll actually need for storing food before you start shopping. Unique sizes like 33 inch wide, counter-depth, 72 inch high, and built-in refrigerator models are all available. The finish options that are available are top mount, bottom mount, side-by-side, French door, and event 4 and 5 door French Door options. Many of these choices will be determined by the type of food you typically put in your refrigerator and if you have a secondary freezer that may make your freezer space less important.  Other factors to consider are water and ice dispensers that are available on the door, inside, or you can choose units without any dispenser.

Most if not all, French door units have an ice maker in the freezer, if it doesn’t have one on the door.  Most side-by-side units will have a dispenser on the door only a very small amount of those do not.  Counter depth units will decrease capacity by about 20% with a maximum of about 24 Cu. Ft.  Some full depth models of French door and four or five door units can get up to about 33 Cu. Ft. inside.  One thing to be very aware of is what you would determine as usable space for what you would put in your refrigerator which may be different from someone else. For instance, a 27 Cu. Ft. side-by-side might not be able to handle platters of food for someone who likes to entertain often. If you do like to entertain often you may want to look more into a bottom mount fridge, French door, or four or five door.  Also to consider is that most people use their refrigerator 85% versus their freezer 15% of the time.

In the end, there are many options to choose from, probably too many, but it is likely that you will find the perfect one that will accommodate for your kitchen and home needs. Give us a call if you have questions and stop by one of our stores to see them in person.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to Pick a New Laundry Set

In today’s modern appliances there are so many more options then years past. You have your standard top load units with an agitator wash, top load unit with the HE non agitator wash, and lastly your front load wash systems.  Each has a variation of washing clothes based on the system within.  Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of each to better help understand what will work best for you.
Traditional Top Load Systems
 These units are smaller in size and fit in most closets and laundry rooms.  There is less vibration in these units from the way the agitator is set in the unit. There is much less work in loading and unloading due to overall capacity of these units.  There can be shorter wash cycles based on more water consumption and the way the agitator pulls the clothes through the tub.  However, they may struggle with larger heavier items and have a much more limited capacity than all other types.

High Efficiency Top Load Systems
These units are larger overall with capacity and more wash cycles such as steam and sanitize. This is a better option for washing larger items like blankets and comforters. There is more energy saving from reduced water consumption and a higher RMP on the spin cycle leaving clothes dryer. On the other side, all though there is more capacity from not having an agitator, these units are only allowed to use X gallons of water so you have to gauge how much you load and what cycle setting works best for your needs.

Front Load Systems
These units will have the largest capacity on the market and the usability is greater due to the gravity system which makes all the clothes rotate through the water. The ability to stack is also another great benefit when size restrictions apply. Most units will have added cycles and steam features for expanded duties. Again like the HE top load system they also are regulated on the amount of water they can use with the same high speed spin cycles, making you save money, water, and is better for the environment. The down sides are that there are vibrations and there can become an odor in the units from water getting trapped inside the door gasket.  There are some great new cleaning products to minimize that.

All in all there is no true right answer on what works best for you.  Before you purchase, you should really qualify the units by size, features, and benefits and pick the one that is best suited for your needs!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why You Should Consider White or Black Colored Appliances

White and black appliances have been popular for many years; almost everybody has had them at some point in their lives and are some of the first colored appliances ever in kitchens. In recent years, many people have moved to the industrial stainless steel look. But don’t decide so quickly about getting stainless steel, you should still consider white or black appliances. Here are a couple of reasons why you should think about buying white or black colored appliances instead of stainless steel.

The materials used in white and black appliances are more affordable than stainless steel finishes in most cases. Because stainless steel is newer and more popular, the appliance cost can be a little more. If you are trying to save $100-$500 on appliances, consider buying white or black.

Durability and Cleanness
It is also more durable and can be easier to clean. Most stainless steel appliances show fingerprints, with having white or black more matte finishes; you won’t have to worry about that at all with these colors.

Lighting in the Room
White appliances give a warmer look to any kitchen. They literally feel warm, compared to other colors like black or stainless steel. Also with white appliances, light will bounce off of the appliance and make the room lighter in appearance.

On the other hand, picking black appliances can make the kitchen have a very dark color. Make sure that you have great lights if you choose to have darker colors in your kitchen. Black colors will absorb in the light and not reflect or bounce off of the room. If you like the idea of black appliances, make sure to have lighter colors in your countertops, cabinets, and/ or floors so you have lights bounce around the room.

Different Hues and Colors
One consideration to take into account is that all appliances should be paired with cabinets that compliment them. Placing these white appliances with white cabinets may give your kitchen a modern look or it may give a washed out look to your kitchen if there are no accents. White or black appliances also look fabulous when paired with a countertop that works with your color scheme.

Another thing to consider is that there is not one specific color that all brands use; there are different tones and hues of white and black available that also have different levels of gloss. Because of this, it is important to try and stay within the same brand so that the hue is the same and matches.

White appliances are perfect for someone who isn’t interested in the extra cleaning or cost that stainless steel appliances require, but are looking to brighten up the room. Black appliances are perfect for someone who does want to darken or balance out their room colors while also saving time on cleaning and who wants to save money. Only you can decide which appliances are going to be best in your kitchen. Let us know if you have any questions about picking the right finish for your appliances.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

6 Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

One of the most popular appliance finishes is stainless steel. It can be a very classy look, but sometimes it can seem daunting to clean all of the fingerprints, especially if you have little kids. When you need to clean your stainless steel appliances there are a couple things to consider.

1. Use a cleaner made specifically for stainless steel and a soft microfiber cleaning cloth. DO NOT just use regular water and a paper towel. There can be minerals in your water that can harm the stainless steel and the paper towel fibers can get trapped in the grain.

2. NEVER use steel wool, steel brushes or other metal cleaning pads. Metal against metal will scratch your appliances leaving you with a not so pretty finish. This will also leave small carbon remnants that can be left in the steel which will leave a rusty looking finish which is not what you want.

3. Always wipe with the direction of the “grain” of the stainless steel.  If you look at the material you will be able to see if the striations in the stainless goes horizontal or vertical, whichever way they go that is the direction you want to wipe. This helps clean deep into the microscopic grooves where oxidation happens.

4. Be careful about the cleaner that you use.  Some cleaners leave a “greasy” film on the product and can be harmful to the environment. While some cleaners, such as Ecosential by Smart Choice, are formulated to clean while still being eco-friendly.

5. Pay attention to stainless steel handles. Sometimes the grime can stick to these areas the most. It might be best to take off the handles to get the sparkly shine. You should also wipe the area around where the knobs are as dirt and grime get trapped in these areas.

6. Don’t forget about the hood. If not careful, the hoods can buildup grease and dust very fast in those hard to reach areas. Make sure to get a ladder and wipe down these areas to get the perfect stainless steel look.

Stainless steel does require more cleaning, but with a little elbow grease it can stay beautiful just like it was brand new. Once you have these tips in your head and clean every few weeks, you will be so happy that you picked stainless steel appliances in your kitchen.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

3 Reasons to Buy A French Door Fridge

There are so many different options for refrigerators. There are top-mount, French doors, bottom mount, side-by-side, and more. It is hard to distinguish which one is the best choice. Here are three reasons why people like the conference of having a French door refrigerators.
1. Do you hate bending down to find things in crisper drawers way at the bottom of the fridge? And do you sometimes forget what is in there because you can't easily see into it? Not with a French door refrigerator. The crisper drawer's are high enough for you to reach in and see into the refrigerator more easily. You can find your food easier and you do not have to bend down.
2. Usable space is optimal in a French door style fridge. With the 2 main doors up top, the width of the fresh food section is the best possible set up! You can easily reach for a deli tray, cookie sheet, or a large pizza box right in the middle of the fridge.
3. Options!  French door fridges come in a variety of set ups that are more customized to your needs. You can choose 3 door, 4 door, or even a 5 door set up. Another great option that is nice with French doors is having temperature controlled drawers. This allows you to change the temperature of the drawers that can either be used as a fridge or a freezer.
Ultimately the decision is up to you with what type of refrigerator is best for your space and family size. Hopefully, we have answered some questions about the French door option that would make you want to pick this option.
Have any more questions about different types of refrigerators? Leave them in the comments section or give us a call and we can help!