Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to Pick a New Laundry Set

In today’s modern appliances there are so many more options then years past. You have your standard top load units with an agitator wash, top load unit with the HE non agitator wash, and lastly your front load wash systems.  Each has a variation of washing clothes based on the system within.  Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of each to better help understand what will work best for you.
Traditional Top Load Systems
 These units are smaller in size and fit in most closets and laundry rooms.  There is less vibration in these units from the way the agitator is set in the unit. There is much less work in loading and unloading due to overall capacity of these units.  There can be shorter wash cycles based on more water consumption and the way the agitator pulls the clothes through the tub.  However, they may struggle with larger heavier items and have a much more limited capacity than all other types.

High Efficiency Top Load Systems
These units are larger overall with capacity and more wash cycles such as steam and sanitize. This is a better option for washing larger items like blankets and comforters. There is more energy saving from reduced water consumption and a higher RMP on the spin cycle leaving clothes dryer. On the other side, all though there is more capacity from not having an agitator, these units are only allowed to use X gallons of water so you have to gauge how much you load and what cycle setting works best for your needs.

Front Load Systems
These units will have the largest capacity on the market and the usability is greater due to the gravity system which makes all the clothes rotate through the water. The ability to stack is also another great benefit when size restrictions apply. Most units will have added cycles and steam features for expanded duties. Again like the HE top load system they also are regulated on the amount of water they can use with the same high speed spin cycles, making you save money, water, and is better for the environment. The down sides are that there are vibrations and there can become an odor in the units from water getting trapped inside the door gasket.  There are some great new cleaning products to minimize that.

All in all there is no true right answer on what works best for you.  Before you purchase, you should really qualify the units by size, features, and benefits and pick the one that is best suited for your needs!